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Watch Bill Gates Drinks A Glass Of Water Made From Poop

We know that Bill Gates made a lot of money from Microsoft and since he left the company, he’s been very busy spending it.

One of the latest projects he’s funding is the Omniprocessor, which turns human waste into renewable energy and drinkable water. How drinkable? Gates demonstrated by drinking a glassful himself.

The Omniprocessor was created to simultaneously address the issue of poor sanitation indeveloping countries and their frequent lack of adequate drinking water and electrical power. Waste piles up in latrines or in open fields, or it’s trucked away and dumped somewhere, maybe in a nearby body of water, causing the spread of disease. But western-style toilets require sewage lines and treatment plants that aren’t feasible in many places. The Omniprocessor, designed by Seattle-area engineering firm Janicki Bioenergy, reinvents the sewage treatment plant.

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