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17 Useless Laws That Make Absolutely NO SENSE!

Every now and then, we hear lot of countries banning a ridiculous number of things. But guess what? Looks like lawmakers around the world have collectively left their logical skills at home while drafting some of these senseless laws! Read on for a few laughs.

#16. In La Paz, Bolivia, married women are not allowed to have more than one glass of wine.


#15. Chewing a piece of gum is illegal in Singapore. Their reasoning behind the law? If you don’t chew, you don’t spit!


#14. Sex on the steps of this church at night in Birmingham, Alabama is banned. So is it okay to do it during the day?


#13. Noisy footwear like squeaky shoes is banned in Capri, Italy.


#12. The ‘Cuddle Puddle’ hot spring in Swaziland is meant solely for cuddling! No sex allowed.


#11. In Melbourne, men can’t wear strapless gowns in public. Guess they’ll just have to wear it at home now!


#10. If you kiss in a moving vehicle in Eboli, Italy, you’ll have to cough up 415 Euros.


#9. In Oklahoma, you could go to jail for making a monkey face at a dog!


#8. Riding an ugly horse is not allowed in Wilbur, Washington. Whatever happened to not judging a book by its cover!


#7. In Hartford, Connecticut, you are not allowed to teach any dog anything. Does this mean they can poop anywhere?


#6. You can be fined for winking at a woman in Ottumwa, Iowa. Better keep those ‘but something is in my eye’ excuses ready!


#5. Unless you’re working in the defense/drug forces, you can’t wear camouflage clothing in Barbados. And no, you can’t say you’re from the fashion police.


#4. Ice skating has a speed limit of 50 miles per hour in Frankfurt!


#3. In Ferrara, Italy, it’s illegal to fall asleep in a cheese factory. Making it illegal to sleep while working is just cruel, isn’t it!


#2. A married woman is only allowed to skydive on Sundays in Florida. Can you think of ANYTHING to possibly justify this?!


#1. It is illegal to have sex with domesticated animals in Iran. So seducing a wild animal is okay?


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Written by Sarah Rogers

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