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Here’s Why The Soda Can Is Shaped The Way It Is, And It’s Absolutely Fascinating!!!

Watch as Bill from the Youtube channel Engineerguy explains the shape of soda cans in a fun and logical way. Don’t forget to check out the video in the next page.

#1. The shape.

A circular can would have the most diameter but would also leave too much empty space in packing, and would roll off the table. A square can would have no empty space when packing but would require super strong corner, not to mention how it would be hard to drink from. The cylinder is a meeting of the two.

#2. Blank

The first step starts with an aluminum disk that’s called a ‘blank’ which sits on a drawing die with a blank holder on top.

#3. Aluminum Cup

A cylindrical cup pressed down on the die creating a cup, which is then pressed through successive dies, until the can is thinner and taller.

#4. Three Steps To A Taller Thinner Can

The taller thinner can is the can we know today.

#5. Dome Bottom

The dome bottom allows the can to withstand greater pressure and allows the manufacturer to use less aluminum.

#6. Decoration And Taste

The inside is sprayed with epoxy lacquer to prevent the metal taste from seeping into the beverage and the outside gets a ‘decoration’ with the branding of the company from which the soda is manufactured.

#7. The Tab

The tab starts out like a 2nd class lever, sort of like a wheel barrow, but the minute you lift the end and it presses into the top, it becomes a 1st class lever, like a see-saw.
Here is an in-depth video by Youtube channel EngineerGuy that explains the shape of soda cans in a fun way:

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