Two Sisters Hide In A Bathroom Cabinet While Burglars Rob Their Home. Just See What They Do Next…

Every time I hear stories like this it sends chills down my spine.

I would never want my kids to have to go through something like this. But if they ever did have to I would hope that they would do exactly what these two teenage girls did when these guys robbed their house.

Remember that 10-year-old boy Willie Myrick? He was kidnapped and he sang gospel songs for 3 hours until the kidnappers couldn’t handle it anymore and let him go! I wouldn’t mind if my kiddos did that either!

The sisters, 13 and 16, from Nashville decided not to give out their names for their own safety. One morning they were home alone and realized that there were burglars in their house.

They promptly ran into the bathroom and called 911.

“They’re in the house,” the older sister whispered to a dispatcher. “Please hurry.” In one terrifying moment, one of the guys hid out in the same bathroom as the girls.

“He came back in here, came in this room with us and locked himself,” the 16-year-old told WKRN Nashville. “He managed to get the door shut and locked himself in here with us.”

Because of their quick thinking these girls saved their lives and caught two thieves.

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