These Kids Learn How Babies Are Made For The First Time From Their Parents

Sexual intercourse, sex, how babies are made. Regardless of how you put it across to your kid, its presumably best to begin that discussion with what one guardian says toward the end of Cut’s video above: “You’re going to look at the world a lot different now.”

Discussing sex with children is one of those discussions parents avoid as far as might be possible. It’s not only troublesome for them to see, but on the other hand its uncomfortable due to its realistic nature (kids’ creative impulses are not just far reaching, however at primary school age, the other sex is “disgusting”). Still, it’s one of those things that has to happen sooner or later, and the parents in the video do an astounding job, even if it is awkward and difficult.

For all the children in the video aside from one, these discussions were the first occasion when they ever genuinely got to think about how sex produces babies.

That’s because a study published in October found that 80 percent of parents spoke with their kids about sex, but when it came to other topics besides the basics, such as saying no to sex, birth control, and sexual health, fewer of them kept that dialogue open. Over 20 percent said they hadn’t spoken to their kids about those issues, and more than 30 percent said they hadn’t spoken to their kids about reproductive health services.

So, if you have a kid, you can see how some parents are talking about sex in the video above. But remember, this is just the beginning of many other sex-focused conversations.

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