25 Photos That Remind You The World Is FULL Of Interesting (STRANGE) Things. #4 Spooked Me!!!

What are some of the coolest moments you’ve experienced? Were you lucky enough to have a camera nearby, ready to capture it all on film? If so, you might possess and image that’s as cool as one of these: They’re unique, exciting, and all taken at just the right time.

Below are 25 interesting images that you’ve probably never seen before, all photographs that were taken at a crucially cool moment. Some of the photos are amateur, others are professional, and they’re from all over the world with one thing in common: THEY’RE ALL TOTALLY AWESOME!

#25. Kane Peterson, walking a tightrope at 300 meters above the ground in Melbourne, Australia. Petersen’s walk was the highest ever attempted in the entire southern hemisphere.


#24. A brave snorkeler swimming amongst thousands of jellyfish in Palau.


#23. A photo of Alex Bernasconi working on his book, “Blue Ice.” Bernasconi captures never before seen moments in nature, particularly in the uncharted landscape of Antarctica.


#22. A man looking out from the marble dome of Milan’s Duomo. It features 135 spires, 96 gargoyles, and over two thousand statues.


#21. A child playing with a huge red ball installation in Marseilles, France. The artist behind the installation is Kurt Perschke, and the ball changes location every day.


#20. These two dogs forming a heart with their snuggles.


#19. Fishing pushing out for a day’s work in the Shipu harbor, located in east China’s Zhejiang province.


#18. People enjoying the view…of their cell phones.


#17. This sunken yacht in Antartica, that remains floating just below the surface.


#16. People taking pictures of a piece of tofu that weighs eight tons.


#15. A scallop while it’s still alive.


#14. Costumed event-goers at the Wasteland Weekend festival in California City.


#13. A photo from the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China.


#12. Two of hundreds of contestants in the World Beard and Mustache Championships, held in Leogang, Austria.


#11. Someone signing the World Meeting of Families poster of Pope Francis in Philadelphia.


#10. This car, inexplicably on fire while sitting poolside.


#9. A walrus emerges from the sea on a beach in Chutkotka in the Russian Arctic.


#8. An aerial view of Muslims praying outside the Moscow Cathedral Mosque.


#7. A group of people lie on the ground for a community nude picture at Burning Man.


#6. The roof of the O2 arena in London, which is actually a giant projector screen.


#5. A squirrel playing with a watermelon who didn’t realize he’d given himself and outfit.


#4. In Dartmouth, Devon, there is a place called Dead Man’s Cross. Long ago, criminals were hanged there. Now, residents are spooked by this unintentional shadow, created by the nearby road sign.


#3. The observation deck of tree-top path in Prora, Germany.


#2. Unusual mammatus clouds forming over central Texas.


#1. The insane lineup for the Aritzia Warehouse sale in Canada.


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