15 Questions You Were Always Embarrassed To Ask But You NEED To Know. #AdmitIt

Let’s Admit!!! There are always those few questions which we all at some point of time always seek answers but didn’t. Either too embarrassed or just never paid enough attention. So, here they are…Just a few of the questions you want answered, which you don’t want to ask.

#15. Why do we like to smell our own farts?


In a blind smell test, scientists confirmed that we actually do prefer the smell of our own toots because the bacteria which creates the smell is unique to each person. “When you smell someone else’s Silent But Deadly, your brain detects it as something that is trying to harm your body because of the bad smell, and actually, farts can spread disease,”

#14. Why do guys get morning wood?


Although the science on this is hardly firm, the theories are most interesting. First of all let’s call Morning wood by its scientific name– nocturnal penile tumescence . It’s a perfectly natural occurrence experienced by healthy men 3-5 times a night regardless of what kind of dream they have. It is theorized that the body triggers NPT to stretch out the cavernosum (the two sponge-like regions that fill with blood to cause erection), something that helps prevent bed-wetting and erectile dysfunction.

#13. Why do erect penises curve slightly to the left (or right)?


Despite what you might have heard, it has nothing to do with masturbation. Almost all healthy males notice that their penis favors one direction or the other. The curve is usually slight, and should not be cause for alarm. The direction in which it points is decided by the ligament that surrounds the corpus cavernosum (basically the blood filling tissues of the penis) which is called Tunica Albuginea. Differences in elasticity of this two-chambered organ causes slight curvature of the penis when erect.

#12. Is it OK to hold in farts?


Farts are a natural part of the digestive process. If you feel one, it means your body has excess gas it needs to expel, and you should probably let it out. But what if it’s socially impossible to let one fly? Hold it in, and the urge usually passes, but that’s not necessarily a good thing for your bowels. Not farting farts can cause gas, bloating, and other uncomfortable symptoms, and if you do it too often, repressing gas can cause hemorrhoids or a distended bowel. The good news is, even if you hold in every single fart all day long, they’ll all come out as soon as you fall asleep.

#11. Why do we throw up when we get dizzy?


On a basic level your brain thinks it is being poisoned, usually due to a mismatch in body motion/balance in relation to your vision. Therefore your brain wants to rid this intoxication from your body (aka vomiting).

#10. Why do we get finger warts?


All warts come from some form of HPV, less contagious forms can cause warts on common areas of the body.

#9. Why do I get hungover?


Alcohol more easily causes dehydration, it dilates blood vessels which can result in headaches, and it also increases stomach acid while decreasing the rate the stomach empties itself which can lead to vomiting. BOOM. HUNGOVER.

#8. Is it OK to pee in the ocean?


Urine is actually about 95% water along with some sodium and Chloride ions, all of which the ocean has already. Urea is a carbon based compound that is also found in our pee. This is not found in the ocean but hasn’t been proven bad for the ocean.

#7. Why do your palms sweat when you’re nervous?


Palm sweat can be triggered by two separate things: your body trying to control its temperature and the emotional stress you might be experiencing. Both of these things are closely linked.

#6. Why do I love to sing in the shower?


One theory is that you might simply feel more comfortable in the shower. It a relaxing place and you are by yourself. Another theory is that the acoustics are better in your bathroom, so the chances of you sounding like an amazing singer are higher.

#5.Why does coffee make you poop?


Coffee can cause muscle contractions along the final part of your intestine, which can jumpstart your need to use the restroom. This happens to about 50% of people that drink coffee.

#4. Why do we pee our pants when scared?


Simply put, your brain controls this act. When you become very stressed, anxious or scared your frontal lobe can sometimes be overridden which can make you feel the need to pee at that moment or more frequently.

#3. Why does only one nostril get clogged at a time?


Nostrils are always splitting the amount of work they have to do, which is why you feel only one nostril being clogged at once. Your nervous system controls and regulates this body function.

#2. Why is it so much fun to poke a bruise/pick a scab?


When you have a bruise or scab, we sometimes pick it or poke it as a way of managing the pain. Other receptors on the body are triggered when we feel this intense pain so quickly. Activating other receptors allows for a moment of relief.

#1. Can you actually die of old age?


The short answer is no, you cannot simply die from being old. But old cells can mean weaker cells which can mean you won’t fight off diseases or infections as well as someone who is younger might be able too.

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