Getting a bra off can be a confusing and frustrating affair — and that’s just for us women. Imagine how confusing it must be for men.

For whatever reason, bras are really easy to get stuck in, and taking them off can present a certain set of challenges. One man claims that he’s figured out a foolproof way to get your bra off in seconds, and he’s even demonstrated on his girlfriend. Find out how he does it below — and ladies, don’t be embarrassed to attempt this on yourself. The struggle is real.

#15. It might not look it, but this guy knows how to unhook the hell out of a bra.


#14. He is YouTube vlogger ViralBrother Erik, and he and his girlfriend wanted to do a demonstration.


#13. It looks a little bit creepy, but keep reading.


#12. In the beginning, Erik explains how most people go about bra removal all wrong./h3>

#11. But he’s got the magic hand trick to get the job done.