Google Maps & street views are being used daily for easy navigation. You find many new places, new spots on these maps which you might not have seen earlier. But these 11 images captured in Google Maps is something really scary & unexpected. Do not look at these if you are going to sleep.

#11. Something Alien Like

01What the hell is this creature? Is it some alien that landed on earth. Let you not think too much, this creepy alien is probably just a doll. But doesn’t it look a little real?

#10. Paranormal Activity

02An anonymous user on a paranormal message board insists that angel was caught in this sighting. But i think it’s probably just a glitch in Google Maps, but who knows?

#9. Broken Face

03This image is like a nightmare, seems like a broken human face but fortunately it’s a broken piece of statue.

#8. Dual Sightings

04The same man was spotted on two places simultaneously in the same picture. Probability of being ghost? No, let’s just consider it a glitch.