Do you believe in the supernatural? Have you ever felt an other-worldly presence when you’re walking down the street all alone, or even climbing up the stairs? Felt it? Okay. You don’t necessarily have to subscribe to the belief in the Boogieman, lest you love watching movies on the very same subject. They’re fun right? Horror movies during a night-out with your friends? Absolutely.

But how do you explain the strange mishaps that happen on the sets of a horror film? When atheists witness strange things happening in front of their eyes, while making a film about ghosts? When people start believing that their project is ‘cursed’? Let’s take a look at 7 accidents which happened on the sets of horror movies, which can’t be explained too well:

#7. The Exorcist

Movie set burst out in flames.

A part of the sets for The Exorcist went up in flames, and the whole Regan House had to be rebuilt, except Regan’s bedroom. The cast and crew were so freaked out with the accident, they called a real pastor to genuinely exorcise the house. Also, the actors playing Burke Dennings and Mrs Karras died right before the release of the film.

#6. The Omen

Designer’s girlfriend decapitated in car crash.

Shortly after the movie wrapped up, the movie’s designer John Richardson and his girlfriend met with a car crash. John escaped with injuries, but his girlfriend was decapitated in the same way as Jennings in the movie. The movie producer’s airplane was struck by lightning, while the lead actor Gregory Peck missed a flight, which crashed leaving no survivors

#5. Poltergeist

Freeling siblings died under mysterious circumstances.

During the filming, Oliver Robbins (Robbie Freeling) nearly died when he was choked by the arms of the evil puppet – only to be saved by producer Steven Spielberg. Heather O’Rourke (who played Carol Anne Freeling) died a few years later during routine surgery, while Dominique Dunne (Dana Freeling), was strangled by an ex-boyfriend.