Everybody knows it; it’s no big secret. Almost all images in magazines and advertising are altered. Whether it’s to slim down a model’s body, modify a background, add or subtract an object, or hide a person’s imperfections – companies spend a lot of money on hiring graphic designers to create the image they envision.

However, it seems some of these companies need to be more selective with their hiring as they’ve created embarrassing Photoshop fails. How these images were passed on to be published, on the other hand, is another story.

The fails don’t just stop there. People have started altering photos of themselves to post onto social media. Unfortunately for them, their mistakes are even worse than the professionals.

Take a look below to see Photoshop failures from both.

#27. Caught red handed.


#26. An extra set of fingers is always helpful.


#25. It seems a part of her arm is missing.


#24. It appears something is missing from his rear end.


#23. Didn’t know thigh gaps could be square shaped.


#22. Missing a leg there?