We all know that a chilled can of Coke is perhaps one of the most refreshing drinks in the world. Sipping on this sweet, cool elixir after a hard day’s work is bliss. Did you know that there are SO many other uses for this versatile drink that the company does NOT want anyone to know? Read on to find out how best you can use a can of coke!

17. Doubles up as an excellent insect repellent


Put some coke in a bowl and place it away from where your guests will be. The bugs won’t be bothering you because they’ll be too busy drinking the sweet soda!

16. Can be used to remove blood stains from clothes


15. Cleans burnt stuff stuck at the bottom of the pan


Pour some coke in the pan and let it soak all night. You’ll find that the burnt food comes off super easily the next morning!

14. Make your car battery last longer


Pour coke over battery terminals to clean up corrosion

13. Removes marker stains from carpets


Pour coke over the stain and scrub it with soap. The marker stain will come right off.