How did people live before the Internet, or the car, or the various other things that we’ve grown so accustomed to using every day? Some inventions are so amazing that they make you really wonder how anyone could’ve gotten by without them. Could these cutting edge inventions change your life?

#18. Heated Butter Knife.

Heated to the perfect spreading temperature in about thirty seconds by two AA batteries, this knife makes difficult spreading a thing of the past. Only the tip of the knife heats up, and a flashing LED alerts the user that the heating element is active. All activated by the push of a button.

#17. Self-Cleaning Hairbrush.

The self-cleaning hair brush has a simple design, a rubber pad sits in the “bed” of the brush under the bristles. When it is time to clean it out, just pull the pad up over the bristles, then dump the hair. Pop the pad back in, and you are ready to brush again.

#16. Solar Powered Tent.

This 36 square foot tent features a 50Wh battery pack to power all of your electronics. The tent, battery pack, and solar panel will set you back about $1,000, so it is for the serious camping fanatic. This tent is a true home away from home, plumbing not included.

#15. Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Lock.

A two piece twist lock with a pre-assigned combination is now available for your pint of ice cream. Made by Ben & Jerry’s, this lock fits all pints, and has gotten pretty good reviews. Engraved with the quote, “I’m terribly sorry, but there is no ‘u’ in ‘my pint,'” it keeps the ice cream thieves at bay.

#14. Wine Sippy Cup.

The sippy cup of mom’s everywhere, this sippy is a double walled tumbler, with a wine glass inside, all covered by a spill proof lid. It can hold ten ounces of wine, and is 100% BPA free. Vino to go anyone?