China is a huge, overwhelming, and totally fascinating country to be in right now. It seems to be a mixture of unusual old traditions and new advancements, many of which are equally as strange.

Here, we’ve put together 30 of the weirdest and hard-to-figure facts about this incredible country. Read through them to get a better understanding of just how compelling China actually is – #12 is pretty epic.

#31. China only recently embraced video games.


For 14 years, China banned gaming consoles like Playstation and XBox. The ban was lifted in 2014.

#30. Children poop everywhere in China.


Split-pants are often worn by Chinese children so that they can easily use the restroom whenever they want. It is not uncommon to see a Chinese mother holding her baby, split-pants downward, over a public trashcan.

#29. Some Chinese police use geese instead of police dogs.


According the Chinese authorities , geese have great vision and can be aggressive, making them a great alternative to a police dog.

#28. Soccer originated in China.


Cuju, which literally means “kick the ball with foot,” was a popular game during the Han Dynasty (206 BC- 220 AD). Later, it spread to neighboring countries like Japan, Korea and Vietnam, and eventually led to what we know today as soccer.

#27. It is possible to restore your virginity in China.


In a more disturbing plastic surgery trend, some Chinese women pay hundreds to restore their hymens before their wedding night.

#26. Pajamas are the new black in Shanghai.


PJ’s are the outfit of choice for Shanghai residents, who wear the clothes out for lunch and to the market.