Her predictions even got politcal.

lifebuzz-b4c39967ba3666aa62b546a576a0755d-limit_2000In 1952, she predicted the following: “Josef Stalin will go into the nether world and the Soviet Union will fall apart”. She was thrown in jail for her prediction — despite the fact that she ended up being right.

She also predicted nuclear war between 2010 and 2016.

lifebuzz-a09e7cc2f3d0f704b7cb6f23ba044d4d-limit_2000She believed that this war would lead to the abandonment of Europe.There’s still some of 2016, so who can say?

In her mind, she saw the war as the beginning of Europe ceasing to exist.

lifebuzz-a0edaadd241f9bad0f1a187286f276e4-limit_2000She visioned that Europe was destroyed in 2016, after a series of devastating catastrophes had rocked the continent.

She also made one troubling prediction, given our current political climate.

lifebuzz-e3929a6a33cd56356e61f8856af95328-limit_2000She said that Barack Obama will be the last president of the United States, and that the country would be ripped apart when he left office.