Nothing shows your loved one how much you truly care like a good April Fools’ Day prank.
Now, before you get any brilliant ideas, just remember that whatever prank you pull on your significant other will probably result in a trick being played on you. So, if you pick a fight, be prepared for war.
Once you’ve chosen your tactic, remember to capture it on video, because you’ll need something to watch before falling asleep on the couch. 😀

1. Do not try this unless you’re prepared for at least a day of the silent treatment.


2. Temporary tattoos are perfect if your significant other is a heavy sleeper.


3. Perfect for someone who is short.


4. A little bit of Play-Doh and paint go a long way.


5. Maybe it will work better for you…


6. Just make sure this isn’t permanent. Else she’s gonna kill you…