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    These 20 Perfect Photographs Will Please Every Minimalist.

    In the world where an excess of information is prevalent, simplicity and serenity are very much needed. The fewer details, the better. Simplicity is genius. Bright Side put together a compilation of photos in which minimalism takes over. We hope these photos will help you achieve some much-needed peace and tranquility. #20. #19. #18. #17. […] More

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    The 27 Most Perfectly Timed Photos EVER! #FreakinFunny

    You know those moments when you’re trying to take a good photo and something just happens at the last minute, making it the most EPIC photo you’ve ever shot? Imagine that 27 times. And that’s what this list is about! 27. The one where the figure skater poops a human head. 26. It’s like the […] More

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    These 37 Rare Retro Photographs Will Definitely Give You Goosebumps. #9 MIND-BLOWN!!!

    Remember when your mum or dad would pull out dust-covered family albums and you discovered hideously hilarious photographs of your dad in bell-bottoms and an overgrown mustache? That’s the great thing about old photographs. These forgotten parchments of paper transport you to a different time & place when things were so unbelievably different you couldn’t even begin to […] More