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    31 Rare and Interesting Pictures Of The World History

    Our history in rare interesting pictures. #31. Santa with a helmet delivering presents during the London Blitz, 1940. #30. Tony Kiritsis holding Richard O Hall hostage with a shotgun during a live television broadcast, 1977. #29. America mourns the germans who died in the Hindenburg crash. #28. Chuck Jones original rules for the Roadrunner and […] More

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    Check Out These Rare Historical Images From The Past. [Part-II]

    #39. U-118, a World War One submarine washed ashore on the beach at Hastings, Sussex, England. #38. A Russian adjustable mobile shield that could protect against small arms fire and shrapnel captured by the Germans, 1914. #37. Testing a bulletproof vest, 1923. #36. The Messerschmitt Me 264, its objective: being able to strike continental USA […] More

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    Check Out These Rare Historical Images From The Past. [Part-I]

    #40. The first photograph upon discovery of Machu Picchu, 1912. #39. Underwater detonation of 15 kiloton nuclear weapon. #38. Lucky British soldier shows off his damaged helmet, 1917. #37. Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife on the day they were assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, 28 June 1914. #36. Einstein’s desk photographed a day after his […] More

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    These 10 Incidents From The Past Will Make You Believe In ‘Karma’. #6 Is Unbelievable!

    Karma is an action, work or deed that refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect. Good fortune and happiness is achieved through good intent, while evil deeds and malicious intent achieves the opposite. The principle of Karma has been seen in many ideologies and regions throughout the world and is still prominent today, […] More

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    26 Fascinating Photos From History’s Vault. #4 Must See!!!

    While some photographs capture our attention because of how the artist behind the picture has decided to compose the shot, others are fascinating simply because of the subjects that they depict. Below are some captivating photographs that tell stories about our past, depicting the celebrities, the people, places and events that have shaped the course […] More

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    12 Crazy Things Found On Earth – From History To Mystery!!!

    There are some amazing things found on this planet we call our home. While some have found a place in history, others remain a complete mystery! Check out 12 of the most incredible things that archaeologists have unearthed over the years. 12. The Mount Owen Moa The Upland Moa, a flightless bird, became extinct over […] More

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    Moments Before These 10 Incredible Historical Photos Were Taken. #1 OMG!!!

    Would you be able to recognize an iconic, history-breaking photograph from another one that was taken a moment earlier? Scores of popular photographs have helped define and shape the course of history. But what about those, taken a few moments earlier that help fit together the bigger picture? Photography enthusiasts and history aficionados – this […] More

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