Hitler Secretly Made Weapons During World War II Which Were Far Ahead Of Their Time.

We present to you some very interesting, but rather unknown weapons used by Hitler during World War II. Some of these weapons had incredible impact on the war while others fortunately failed to live up to their potential.

The Goliath tracked mine.

a-remote-controlled-tracked-mine goliath
The Goliath Tracked Mine is a miniature tank that can be controlled remotely. The mini-goliath might seem like a toy but it is actually devastatingly dangerous. They could move at a steady 6 miles per hour while carrying up to 100 kg of explosives or payload. These little monsters could be used to supply troops with reinforcements or even to completely obliterate bunkers and tanks. The major weakness of this mini-goliath was that they were connected to a joystick via a 2000-feet cable. All the enemies had to do was cut the wire.

The The Fritz X.

Fritz-X1 The The Fritz X is a radio-guided bomb and is considered to be the grandfather of modern smart bombs. This 3,450-pound explosive can penetrate 28 inches of armor and was very successful in combat. This was primarily because it could be deployed from an altitude of 20,000 feet which was out of reach for the antiaircraft systems at the time. In fact, less than a month after it was launched, it sank an Italian battleship in 1943. It also put USS Savannah, an American Light Cruiser, out of service for a whole year after being struck by the bomb.

The Horten Ho 229.

Horten-Ho-229 3
The Horten Ho 229 was the world’s first stealth aircraft. Powered by two powerful jet engines, the aircraft could cruise at speeds over 600 mph at an altitude of up to 49,000 feet. The small radar cross-section of the aircraft made it very difficult to track with the radar technology at the time. Although, it had quite an impressive design, it didn’t make an impact in the war after its launch in 1944.

The Panzer VIII Maus.

Panzer-VIII-MausThe Panzer VIII Maus was a super-heavy tank made in 1944. Weighing a monumental 188 tons, the Panzer VIII Maus is the heaviest armored tank to have ever been built. Due to its enormous weight, it was incredibly slow, with its speed topping a mere 13 km/h. It was also very expensive to make and as such only two were made, both of which were captured by the soviet union.

The Schwerer Gustav.

Schwerer-Gustav-CopyThe Schwerer Gustav is the single largest cannon ever built in history. Weighing a colossal 1,350 tons, it could fire shells that weighed a whopping 7 tons over a distance of 29 miles. It was too heavy and it took an enormous number of people to set it up and operate it. As such, only two were ever built.

The StG 44.

StG-44The StG 44 is arguably the first assault rifle ever created. After its creation, it became so successful that other famous assault rifles such as the AK-47 were actually derived from it. To take it a bit further, Hitler himself was so impressed with the weapon that he actually named it himself. There’s more, the StG 44 had very impressive attachments such as the curved barrel which enables the rifle to shoot around corners and even an infrared vision attachment.

The Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet.

The Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet was a rocket-powered fighter aircraft. In fact, it is the only rocket-powered fighter aircraft to have ever been operational. It could travel at speeds around 700 mph and was completely unrivaled at the time. 300 of them were made but surprisingly, they failed to make an impact. They were not very good fighters, destroying only 9 opposition aircraft.

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