This Soldier’s Last Few Moments Of An Exhausting 12-Mile March Is Nothing Short Of Inspirational

It was a punishing 12-mile march required to earn the Army’s Expert Field Medical Badge. Down but not out, Capt. Sarah Cudd struggled, stumbled, and eventually spilled over the finish line of this grueling course.


Army training is no joke. That day over 80% of the army medical professionals who attempted this course fell short, but not Capt. Cudd — she gritted it out.

Not only were her muscles shutting down, but she was carrying a hulking 50 lb pack. Other soldiers gathered around her and cheered her on, then erupted in applause when she finally crossed the finish line.

Capt. Sarah Cudd, an army veterinarian, has now achieved the Army’s Expert Field Medical Badge, which is one of the toughest decorations to earn.

Respect is not given. It’s earned!!!

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