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    These 18 Cringe-Worthy Photoshop Fails Should Have Never Made It To The Internet.

    Altering images using Photoshop or similar programs has become the norm of our society. Every few months, another company, celebrity or average Tinder user is called out for their unrealistic or simply ridiculous use of photo manipulation. Most recently, Victoria’s Secret was the subject of Internet rage for its poor and unrealistic editing of a […] More

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    These 24 Images Describing Life So Accurately IT HURTS! #4 OOPS!!!

    #24. This sign: #23. This attempt at hydration: #22. This guy just trying to do his job: #21. This doll head: #20. This looks photoshopped but still this landing spot: #19. Life sometimes resembles these “smiling” cookies: #18. And oftentimes feels a lot like this guy riding through a wedding photo: #17. This cat stuck […] More

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    19 Marriage Proposals And The Only Answer Is NO..NO…NO…

    The day you get engaged is going to be a day you remember for the rest of your life, so you better make it good. While these people certainly made it ‘memorable’…good would not be the way I would describe them, but to each their own, I guess. 1. Nothing like making her think you […] More

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    This Just Goes To Show Cheaters Never Prosper

    Cheating is really stupid. Cheating in the Age of Facebook is really, really stupid. Cheating on your significant other when they know your Facebook password is really, really, really, really stupid. Everyone in this list did the first two stupid things, but it’s really amazing how many people put in the extra lack of effort […] More

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    15 Times Autocorrect Completely Ruined People’s Lives

    1.) Why would anything autocorrect to anal??? 2.) Juicy Easter D**k??? 3.) Oh mom..Noooo!!! 4.) We blow our boss sometimes…Don’t we? 5.) This text must have ruined everything for him… 6.) Bwhahaha…poor Granda… 🙂 7.) What’s for Christmas dinner? Drugs!!! 8.) What the heck is Hulu? 9.) Ah…Prego Sauce!!! 🙂 10.) That was awkward for sure… […] More