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    30 People Ruining Innocent Statues… #18 Is Hilariously Inappropriate.

    A statue is a public sculpture made to represent an iconic person or sometimes even an animal. They’re usually built to pay tribute to a historical event or the life of an influential individual. With that being said, you would expect the public to appreciate such artwork and hold a certain level of respect for […] More

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    The 17 Greatest Dads Of All Time. #1 Just Won My Heart

    Being a father is a serious and often very difficult task, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. Among the many challenges he might encounter are trying to find time for both work and family, learning to change a diaper, braiding his daughter’s hair, and explaining how the world works to […] More

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    These 19 People Won’t Be Joining Us In 2016. #3 OUCHHHH!

    2016 is nearly here. And although 2015 has given us so much – like failed Back To The Future predictions and the constant threat of terrorism – it’s nearly a new year and a new you! However, with 2016 just round the corner, we must take a moment to reflect on those who won’t be seeing in the new […] More

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    This Insane Traffic Jam In China Is Every Driver’s Nightmare. Yes, It’s A 50-Lane Expressway.

    That’s what happens when people come back from a week-long vacation, they stuck on the expressway with millions of people. Think the traffic jams in your city is bad? A recent snarl that took place near China’s capital city on Tuesday (Oct 6) might just convince you otherwise. Aerial footage showed the incredible congestion that […] More

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    33 Bizarre Facts About Australia Which Will Drive You Crazy.

    1. A box jellyfish sting can lead to cardiovascular collapse and death within minutes, making it the most venomous creature on Earth. 2. Far North Queensland’s rainforests host a neurotoxic stinging tree that feels “like being burnt with hot acid and electrocuted at the same time”, causing months of excruciating pain. 3. Despite being the […] More