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    17 Oddly True Baby Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!!!

    Sure, your mom says you were cute when you were little, but what she doesn’t mention is that you were a hair-eating zombie with super strength and explosive bodily functions. #17. In the womb, all babies grow mustaches…that they eat. That’s right, you heard me. When a fetus is about four months into pregnancy it […] More

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    40 Places Ranked #1 In The World! #AMAZED

    Have you ever wondered which the wealthiest city in the world is? Or the most stressed out? Our world is full of extremes, and that’s extremely fascinating! Read on for some interesting trivia on different countries and who knows, your country might just be on this list!   The world’s hottest place: The highest temperature […] More

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    Never Heard Before Facts About These 24 Movies. #7 OMG!!!

    From nail-biting train-top fights to nightmare-inducing horror flicks, there’s a whole lot that goes into making our favorite films. Check out these incredible facts that will WOW you the next time you watch these blockbusters. 1. The iconic DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future was originally meant to be a refrigerator! 2. Steven Callahan, […] More