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    20 Edible Cakes That Don’t Even Look Like Cakes From Any Angle

    Who doesn’t like cake? I don’t know many people that could turn down their favorite kind. How much harder would it be to resist masterpieces like these?  Delicious, perfectly flavored morsels that are shaped like the wildest creations you’ve ever seen. Check out these 20 works of baking genius. Could you pull off any of these […] More

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    These 20 Pictures Are Guaranteed To Give You Nightmares

    There are times in life where the only sane reaction is to say “NOPE…RUN…OH MY GOD…NO!!!” A roach on your keyboard, or an old creepy looking doll in your garage, or a spider on pretty much anything … those are some of the most nightmarish things than can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere… 20. 19. […] More