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    45 Most Awkward Panorama Fails Of All Time

    The panorama feature on iPhone’s camera app is not a toy. As Panorama Fail shows, in the wrong hands it can open up a wormhole in the universe, turning dogs into ass-faced mutants and people into all sorts of creatures that are only found in some wtf underworld. Basically, it’s like your iPhone is on […] More

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    30 Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To These Designs…WTF!!!

    Bad design is one thing… but these epically HORRIBLE design fails really take “bad” to a whole new level. 30. That’s not how graph ratios…. or just math in general… work. 29. E-U-R-R-O-P-E??? Hahahaha 28. There’s no way this was an accident. 27. “I didn’t choose the poo life, the poo life chose me.” -Tupac […] More