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14 Totally WTF Japanese Inventions Which You Need To See Right Away. #1 Is Really Awkward!!!

#14. Panorama Hat.

eb003d4b82dc409291808b1d739c37532b5de21aIs taking a panorama with your smart phone too difficult? Can’t keep a steady hand dragging your smart phone to capture everything? Well, thanks to brilliant Japanese developers, there is a hat that will take panorama photos for you. This hat has cameras located all over the hat for the perfect panorama.

#13. Baby Mop.

e4a7c67c7458bdfd80ce4ffdda41fed4be181bcaThe Baby Mop is a way to give your crawling baby chores without them knowing. These onesies have mop material on the forearms and forelegs. The baby then crawls and cleans the house for you, while you sit and relax. This innovative way of cleaning teaches your baby responsibility at a young age.

#12. Napkin Pants.

cf5ef0f91d852a02dd85e8bcb004fde594682878Napkin Pants are the next big things. Most people are too lazy to grab a paper towel, so they just wipe their hands on their pants. Wiping wet hands on your pants can cause discomfort. Now with the Napkin Pants, there is an area on the back thigh where hands can be dried without bringing you discomfort.

#11. Chopstick Fan.

07aa2276cd9aef922a3349a7aac7b03b71cdb3f5Thought the last few inventions were bizarre? Well, this one is just as wacky. The Chopstick Fan is no regular utensil. These utensils have a fan that will cool any hot foods. The fan comes in handy when there is no time to wait for your food to cool down. Turn on the fan while you eat for a cooling effect and lovely meal.

#10. Extra Nail.

6d75a5c8fc714eed375db7110a5a1269f6ca8d02Sometimes, the skin on fruit is too hard to break with regular finger nails. This next invention, Extra Nail, is a finger glove with a metal fingernail that breaks through the outer layer of any fruit. This invention can also come in handy when needing to open a can. The nail doesn’t break and protects your nails from damage as well.

#9. Butter Stick.

1a7e98ba356530d08badfe08827966f0bb23949eJapanese innovators have created many unique devices that help with everyday life. This next invention will help those who enjoy using butter. The Butter Stick makes applying butter to toast easier. The Butter Stick’s design mimics the design of Chapstick. Twist the bottom until the butter is showing, then rub it onto toast, and enjoy.

#8. The Hand Chopper.

7c101d41719bd12c04fda23471594baaaf306100The Hand Chopper is a kitchen aid that protects hands while using a knife. The fake hand is placed on the desired food, and is held at the wrist, while the other hand cuts. This guarantees that the noncutting hand is safe. The Hand Chopper is effective due to the unique design. It makes the cook feel as if they are holding food, when in reality they are holding a hand.

#7. Subway-Sleeper.

8338c74918a8eebfce6d2fe87d812da196b87149The Subway-Sleeper is an amazing invention that keeps heads up while people sleep on the subway. The hat attaches to the window and sits on a sleepy person’s head. This hat keeps sleepers from falling asleep on the person next to them, and protects against neck problems from sleeping the wrong way.

#6. Grow-Your-Own-Rice-Bra.

3340202947ac442ef749b3625d15d98bbc08d9b6The Grow-Your-Own-Rice-Bra is a regular bra that can transform into a rice growing kit. This rice growing kit is portable and allows the person wearing the bra to grow rice whenever they please. The bra was created in hopes of educating the Japanese population about agriculture.

#5. Welcome to Japan Bra.

3b1a88da9f28c40b6204e77b8d6c061326b04a87Welcome to Japan! Triumph Japan, creators of the Grow-Your-Own-Rice bra also created a Welcome To Japan bra that operates in English, Korean, and Chinese. The bra works by pressing a button. A welcoming message will then appear on the front of the bra electronically.

#4. Comfort Pillow for Loneliness.

9017e1c9a74f80d6393296f725a23fad3b67b040This strange looking pillow comes in two different forms, an arm with half a chest and legs. The arm and half a chest is for solo cuddling. The legs however, are for those who want to rest their head on someone???s thighs but do not have someone to rest upon.

#3. Electro Smile.

f3a68cfc7d0b13588e61529f1a0c39934d9fe3a5One of the most disturbing inventions however, must be the Electro Smile. This strange invention was made for children who do not smile. The Electro Smile is worn around the face and sends a shock to force children to put a smile on their face. The smile is said to last for days and the only side effect is slight twitching in the facial region.

#2. Burger Deception.

10e1a2465f1d44a05410fcc096a99aa6391bd4a5Many Japanese women are hesitant to open their mouths wide to eat oversized hamburgers. To solve this problem, a burger restaurant devised these burger wrappers so women feel more comfortable eating. Yum!

#1. Rubber Lips.

df6d90ffdb52622b4f8598dd0e94859e0bc37f6dRelax, it’s not what you think! People in Japan are trying anything to have a younger look, even if it means wearing huge rubber lips to stretch their face’s muscles to tighten saggy skin. What’s even more concerning is that people are willing to pay around $70 for this product…

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