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You Won’t Believe That These Things Are STILL Legal In The USA! #WTF

USA has always enjoyed the moniker of being the land of ‘freedom’ and ‘opportunity’ but sometimes we wonder, does that go too far?! Here is an interesting list of things that are absolutely legal in the USA! We really wish some of them weren’t, but here goes!

23. Drinking and driving


There are no laws in Mississippi that prevent possession or consumption of alcohol.

22. Driving a tank


As long as your tank has rubber tires and all the right mirrors in all the right places, heck, you can even drive it for your weekly grocery shopping!

21. Make your backyard a gun range


You can shoot small arms in your backyard in Flordia. However, you can’t shoot over a house that’s occupied, or a public street.

20. Firing a missile


If you get permission from the aeronautics division of the Department of Commerce, you can fire missiles in South Carolina!

19. Counting cards


It’s risky in most casinos, but technically not illegal!

18. Riding in the back of a pickup


There are a lot of states where you can ride in the back of a pickup, legally.

17. Owning a brown bear


Dangerous? Yup. Legal? In nine states.

16. Getting spanked by a teacher


19 states still allow corporal punishment in schools.

15. Women can walk around topless


Only Utah, Indiana and Tennessee have laws against women being topless. It’s legal in all the other cities.

14. Wearing a strainer as a hat for a license photo


Four people who call themselves Pastafarians, fought for their right to wear a colander on their head as it’s considered a religious garment.

13. Owning a flamethrower


Only 10 states have outlawed flamethrowers.

12. Driving barefoot


It’s legal to drive barefoot in all 50 states. If you’re in an accident while driving barefoot, you could get an additional fine for negligent driving.

11. Sending dick pics


In Georgia, you can send dick pictures. You may lose your friends, but at least you won’t be arrested!

10. Marrying a cousin


There are 11 states where it’s legal to marry your first cousin.

9. Beastiality


More than a dozen states say that it’s legal to have sex with an animal.

8. Getting drunk with your kids


The Massachusetts State Supreme Judicial Court ruled that it’s not illegal for parents to give alcohol to their kids in their own home.

7. Texting and driving


In West Virgina, it’s absolutely legal to text and drive. Which basically means driving without looking. Yikes.

6. Serving roadkill as a meal


Texas, California, and Washington are the only three states where you cannot serve roadkill as food.

5. Wearing sunglasses while driving at night


Washington has no qualms if you want to be a cool dude at night!

4. Recording a phone call secretly

In a lot of states, only one person is required to know the conversation is being recorded.

3. Cannibalism


There’s no specific law against cannibalism.

2. Passing a double yellow line


In Vermont, you can pass a car in front of you even if you’re at a double yellow line, unless there’s a sign that says otherwise.

1. Firing someone for being gay


There are 29 states where you can be fired simply because you’re gay. There are 34 states where you can fire someone for being a transgender!

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Written by Sarah Rogers

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