Watch This Pole Dancer Show Off Her Gravity-Defying Moves In This Stunning Performance

From dizzying high speed spins to upside down splits, this pole dancer takes the art form to another level in this high-octane video.

Karo Swen from Paris is seen performing a range of gravity-defying moves to a bass heavy dubstep track.

Wearing a black workout bra and briefs she mixes hip hop and lyrical dance together over the course of two minutes and 55 seconds.

The most impressive part of the performance occurs at the 40-second mark. As the beat drops, Karo performs a karate-style leg kick with both legs and energetically loops around. To top it off, she catapults into upside down splits.

At one point she steps off the pole and performs some body isolations, rippling her toned stomach in time to the music.

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