Mind-blowing Facts About Game of Thrones! #11 Is SO GROSS!!!

If you’re a fan of the action-packed Game of Thrones, ’nuff said. These facts about the TV show will unravel the truckload of awesomeness that is GoT!

1. Sophie Turner, AKA Sansa Stark, adopted the dog that plays her wolf, Lady. The dog now answers to the name ‘Zunni’.


2. The Dothraki language was created just for the show. It’s fictional and comprises 3,000 words created by linguist, David Peterson.


3. The actor who played everyone’s least favourite ruler, Jack Gleeson, appeared in Batman Begins as a kid.


4. The show’s original pilot episode was never aired and the network almost dropped it!


5. Author George R.R. Martin has revealed the ending of the book series to the show’s producers, just in case he doesn’t live long enough to complete writing it.


6. Yup, that’s Hodor out of costume.


7. According to Social Security Administration, more than 150 girls were named Khalessi in 2012. Arya is one of the fastest-growing names in the U.S.


8. Rob Stark’s late wife, Oona Chaplin, is the grand daughter of Charlie Chaplin!


9. Check out The Hound without beard, scars or a wig.


10. Michelle Fairely look familiar to you? That’s because she played Mrs. Granger in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.


11. The horse heart that Daenerys eats in season one is actually a three-pound gelatin substance.


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Written by Sarah Rogers

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