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Cool Cat Survives World’s Wildest Plane Ride! #TwoThumbsUp

Clearly this cat has eight lives left, cuz’ he’s not too worried about this one! The furry little fella takes about 50 seconds to creep into the screen and ends up taking the wildest plane ride of his life. He gives death the middle finger as he clings onto the wing of the plane and survives the ride like a BOSS.

Oh, and don’t forget to catch the look on the guy’s face when he sees the cat for the first time. Wonder why he doesn’t tell his lady companion about kitty’s existence. But when she does find out, oooh is it fun!

So anyway, when the duo find that there’s an accidental passenger on board, they decide to land the plane to avoid any CATastrophes. (sorry just couldn’t resist!)

PSST – Also don’t forget to catch a glimpse of whiskers at the end of the video. Talk about HAIR-RAISING!

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Written by Sarah Rogers

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