10 Unknown Facts About Pornography That You’ve Never Heard Before.

Porn definitely serves a purpose in the ecosystem. No one’s denying it! Who doesn’t love watching the unlikely escalation of a pizza boy and a lonely housewife? But before you continue your XXX browsing, why not learn a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes?

1. Contrary to what many believe, research has proven that when watching porn, men tend to focus on the eyes of the women in the videos.


2. “MILF” is the most frequently searched porn term on the Internet.


3. The biggest porn company in the entire world is in Canada.


4. Twelve years ago there were somewhere around 70,000 sites dedicated to porn. In 2014 there are now 4.2 million in the U.S. alone.


5. At ANY SECOND of the day there are somewhere around 30 million people watching porn.


6. In Australia, porn that features women with A-cups or smaller is banned.


7. Very few porn sites feature content made by that particular site. Most sites feature content sourced from elsewhere.


8.Conducting research on how porn affects relationships has proven extremely difficult, because scientists have had trouble finding a control group of men who haven’t watched

9. Even in countries where porn is illegal, many make exceptions for the televisions in hotel rooms.


10. Without bringing several hot women with you, it’s almost impossible to break into the heterosexual male porn world as an actor.


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