#14. Panorama Hat.

eb003d4b82dc409291808b1d739c37532b5de21aIs taking a panorama with your smart phone too difficult? Can’t keep a steady hand dragging your smart phone to capture everything? Well, thanks to brilliant Japanese developers, there is a hat that will take panorama photos for you. This hat has cameras located all over the hat for the perfect panorama.

#13. Baby Mop.

e4a7c67c7458bdfd80ce4ffdda41fed4be181bcaThe Baby Mop is a way to give your crawling baby chores without them knowing. These onesies have mop material on the forearms and forelegs. The baby then crawls and cleans the house for you, while you sit and relax. This innovative way of cleaning teaches your baby responsibility at a young age.

#12. Napkin Pants.

cf5ef0f91d852a02dd85e8bcb004fde594682878Napkin Pants are the next big things. Most people are too lazy to grab a paper towel, so they just wipe their hands on their pants. Wiping wet hands on your pants can cause discomfort. Now with the Napkin Pants, there is an area on the back thigh where hands can be dried without bringing you discomfort.