“Three hours after the rescue I came back to the hospital… I just wanted to spend a little more time with her before going to sleep.”


“On the first day Julia didn’t want to eat much, so Lisa and I returned with some really good food, and that helped :-)”


“Julia is getting stronger… still spending most of her time sleeping.”


“Today I took Julia and we sat together outside for an hour. We enjoyed each other’s company, we looked at the people who looked at us and probably thought to themselves ‘look at this guy sitting there with a wolf’.”


“Julia is still not wagging her tail… she just shows her appreciation by rubbing her head on me. What a special girl.”

julia24-570x320Eldad will keep us updated on her healing progress on the Hope For Paws’ Facebook page.

What an amazing, unique rescue! Hats off once again to Hope For Paws for the wonderful work they do. 🙂

[sources: Facebook, Flickr]