This Hope For Paws rescue is different from any they have done to this point. A terribly neglected dog was seen wandering the streets of South Central, and Eldad Hagar immediately asked Lisa Chiarelli to join him on the mission.

As they closed in on Julia, that’s when they noticed something was a little different.

“Usually we rescue dogs, but this time, I am pretty sure that we rescued a wolf-hybrid!!”

“The first picture of Julia.”


“Just as we spotted Julia, I noticed that she was about to walk into a yard.”


“As I slowed down in front of the gate, Lisa Chiarelli opened the door and jumped out before I even came to a complete halt. She calmly closed the gate, and the first part of this rescue was over – Julia was secured.”


“Julia had an old rope tied to her which indicates to me that someone owned and neglected her to a criminal level… this poor girl was so swollen from infections, she was bleeding, pus was oozing from everywhere, and it’s hard to see because of this coat, but she is just skin and bones.”