Forget superheroes with their flowing capes and super powers. When you want to see something completely awe-inspiring, look no further than the human body. Read these facts and you’ll know what we are talking about!

#25. Did you know that because of a cartilage compression in your spine, your body is a whole 1 centimeter shorter when you sleep at night than when you’re awake?


#24. Every 60 seconds, your red blood cells do an entire circuit of your body!


#23. Your bladder actually visibly grows when you have the urge to pee.


#22. Most babies are born with blue eyes. Their lifelong eye color is a result of exposure to UV rays.


#21. Most residents of the Western Hemisphere will consume at least 50 tons of food and 50,000 liters of liquid during the course of their lifetime!


#20. It takes over six months to grow back a new nail or toenail.