The Tesla Coil


You may have never heard of Nikola Tesla but you’re likely to have seen the Tesla Coil (an electrical resonant transformer circuit) in old horror films. Besides this, Tesla had some other great revolutionary ideas that are sure to get you thinking!

Have a dry shower


With Tesla’s cold fire invention, you may never have to shower again! Tesla came up with the idea of ridding the body of germs by standing on a metal plate and getting a shot of rapidly alternating current of 2.5 million volts. The theory behind this is that due to the conductivity of human skin, germs are rocketed out of the body leaving you squeaky clean.

Controlling the weather


Tesla came up with a brilliant logic that could control the earth’s temperature with a global thermostat. He reasoned that with specific radio waves, one could manipulate the earth’s magnetic fields to achieve huge standing waves. These waves could be used to manipulate wind patterns and therefore the weather. Though Tesla filed several patents, his idea is yet to become a reality that would carefully tuck away tsunamis and cyclones in our history books.