Modern science is working hard to eliminate one of the only things we can be certain of in our lives, and you know it’s not taxes (how else would they get the money for these studies?). For thousands of years, humans have sought the key to immortality, and while we may be a bit away still, there are all sorts of possible options to escape death: freezing yourself, uploading your mind to a computer, altering DNA, and so on. Until we crack those codes though, we’re just going to have to suck it up and keep on dying—that or just get really, really lucky.

#10. Luz Miraglos Veron

luz-miraglo-e1373925137558Analia Bouter was pregnant with her fifth child when she went into labor 12 weeks early. After the birth was completed, doctors told her that the child she had delivered was stillborn, and Bouter and her husband were sent home with a death certificate for the child. They decided to return 12 hours later to see the girl’s body, which was being kept in a refrigerated drawer in the morgue. The baby had been seen by obstetricians, gynecologists, and even a neonatologist, and all of them reached the conclusion that she was dead. But when they opened the drawer, the baby began crying, and they realized their daughter was alive. The girl was named Luz Miraglos (Miracles of Light) and the latest reports say that she has grown stronger and healthier.

#9. Alvaro Garza, Jr

frozen-red-river-e1373925128542Alvaro Garza, Jr. was 11 years old in 1987 when he fell through ice and into the Red River, which separates Minnesota from North Dakota. He was playing on the frozen ice and fell through as he tried to grab the body of a dead squirrel. The rescue attempt wasn’t a particularly fast one, and Alvaro spent a full 45 minutes completely underwater. When he was pulled from the river, he was clinically dead: he had no pulse, and his body temperature had dropped to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. He was taken to the hospital where doctors revived him using a heart-lung bypass machine, which warmed his body, forced out water and pumped in air. The explanation behind this story is that Alvaro was struggling for a few minutes before he actually submerged, which authorities said allowed his body to cool down and reduce its need for oxygen.After four days in the hospital, he was able to communicate by blinking, and he was released after 17 days in total. For a while, he had limited use of his limbs, requiring braces to walk. But he eventually regained full use of them and appears to have no lasting brain damage.

#8. Michigan

ballot-e1373925181385Ty Houston, a nurse from Michigan, was filling out his 2012 voting ballot (you remember that whole Romney-Obama thing) when he heard a woman screaming for help. He went over and found that the woman’s husband had no heartbeat and was not breathing. Houston laid the man’s body down on the floor and began to perform CPR on him. After a few minutes, he managed to bring the man back to life. Despite having just died, the first thing he asked upon being revived was “Did I vote?”