Not every day is a good day and sometimes you just need a pick me up to help you get through it. If you’re fortunate enough, you’ll have people around you that can help you feel better.

However if you’re not that fortunate — if you’re stuck at work with peers that you dislike or stuck with family members that you resent, there’s always an alternative: the Internet. The Internet is a magical place filled with just about anything you can think of, including millions of photos that just might be the pick me up you’ve been searching for.

Sometimes you just need the perfect distraction. And we’ve got plenty of them below to help you cheer up your mood and get through your day.

#27. And that’s when he knew, he didn’t wanna play video games no more.


#26. Fair enough.


#25. “What do you mean you don’t see me?”


#24. He was only following instructions.


#23. At least they know.


#22. A grown up answer from a grown up adult on national television.