#24. Pokemon Player Finds Unconscious Woman Behind the Wheel.

pokemon-player-finds-unconscious-woman-behind-the-wheel-photo-u1In Holland Township, MI, Gabriel Loyola was just trying to catch some ‘Mon when he came upon a woman passed out behind the wheel of her car. Loyola called 911 instead of trying to stuff her into a pokeball. He said, “I’m over here supposed to be catching Pokemon, not saving people, right?”

#23. Woman Almost Abducted While on the Hunt.

woman-almost-abducted-while-on-the-hunt-photo-u1A 19-year-old woman from Bridgetown, MA was almost abducted while walking down the street searching for Pokemon one morning. She said a navy-blue work van pulled up on the opposite side of the street, made a U-turn, and blocked traffic by parking at an angle just a few feet in front of her. Then a man opened the passenger door and jumped out at her, but she had already started running away.

#22. Australian Fired for Getting Mad About Pokemon Go.

australian-fired-for-getting-mad-about-pokemon-go-photo-u1If you need a reminder that Pokemon Go is just a game, this story is for you. Sonny Truyen is an Australian expat who, until the launch of Pokemon Go, was happily working in Singapore. When he realized the game hadn’t yet been released in Singapore, he let the entire city-state have it with a nutso Facebook rant, in which he claimed the average IQ would fall if he left, and that “locals can’t even read.” And then he was fired.

#21. New Zealanders Accidentally Run Into Hell’s Angels.

new-zealanders-accidentally-run-into-hell_s-angels-photo-u1When you think about it, New Zealand is so small, it’s too insane to believe at least one gamer would manage to bumble their way into a biker gang headquarters. Luckily, the biker who answered the door sent the Pokemon enthusiast away without jumping him into the gang.

#20. Players Try to Catch Em All at a Sex Shop.

players-try-to-catch-em-all-at-a-sex-shop-photo-u1One of the best results of Pokemon Go is the amount of IRL hangs that are happening while people of all ages try to catch ’em all. In one such group frenzy, a mass of players stormed a sex shop in the UK looking for Pokemon. According to a worker at the shop, “There are people coming in talking about [Pokemon]. I didn’t know what they were talking about, as I’m not really into games.” Maybe the gamers picked up some other futuristic Japanese toys to augment their reality while they were there.

#19. Sex Offender Halfway House Becomes a Pokestop.

sex-offender-halfway-house-becomes-a-pokestop-photo-u1The New Windsor Hotel is a historic building in Phoenix, AZ, and thus was included as a destination in Pokemon Go. It also happens to be a halfway house for sex offenders. According to Fox affiliate KSAZ, 43 registered sex offenders live at 546 W Adams Street, the location of the hotel. Thankfully, you don’t have to go into the home to take care of your Pokebusiness.

#18. Westboro Baptist Church Gets into the Pokemon Craze.

westboro-baptist-church-gets-into-the-pokemon-craze-photo-u1For whatever reason, the Westboro Baptist Church HQ was turned into a gym on Pokemon Go (gyms are basically like Four Square with a battle mode), and someone made a fairy type Pokemon named “loveislove” the defender of the gym. The notorious bigots of the church got involved, creating homophobic and end-times, fire-and-brimstone memes using Pokemon characters. The church also decided Jigglypuff is a sodomite, even though it remains unclear whether the character has the right parts to commit or receive sodomy.

#17. Players Ending Up at Auschwitz.

players-keep-ending-up-at-auschwitz-photo-u1 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What else can you say about the fact that anyone visiting Auschwitz, one of the most notorious, deadly internment camps of the Holocaust, can catch a free roaming Ratta? According to NY Mag, as of July 11, 2016, Auschwitz was marked as a Pokestop.