Nowadays it’s hard to tell when a photo is real. Why? Because graphic designers exist. They use Adobe programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, and so forth to alter images to create a photo that wouldn’t normally be easy to capture on camera.

With that being said, most people would naturally assume that the photos below have been altered in some type of program. But people shouldn’t underestimate perception and optical illusion. Photos can trick us into seeing something that isn’t there without using any program in the process. And trust us, all the following photos are 100% real.

#35. It looks like a drawing but it’s actually an aerial photograph of a dried up river bed somewhere in Mexico.


#34. A dress where the top half seems floating at first but really there’s just a black midsection.


#33. No he’s not under water, he’s in a glacier cave in Iceland.


#32. Looks too majestic and statue like to be real, right? But it is!


#31. It looks like a beautiful mosaic but in actuality it’s a frozen pond in Switzerland.


#30. Colorful rock formations in China that look like paint streaks from a painter.


#29. This giant head of Eddie Murphy was used to promote the movie, “Meet Dave.”