A statue is a public sculpture made to represent an iconic person or sometimes even an animal. They’re usually built to pay tribute to a historical event or the life of an influential individual. With that being said, you would expect the public to appreciate such artwork and hold a certain level of respect for said statues.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so highly of statues. Instead of admiring them, these jokesters come up with various ways to inappropriately pose with them. Although such actions may be considered disrespectful, you do have to admit – a lot of these poses came out to be quite funny.

#30. On your mark, get set…


#29. Please, I don’t want to leave you.


#28. Sir, we’d like to apologize on this woman’s behalf.


#27. Ballin’.


#26. How inconsiderate to the deer’s feelings.


#25. Thanks, Liberty.