You might think that humanity is a highly evolved species, but no creature can be too evolved if it spends hours online arguing about what color a goddamned dress is. Whether you want to start arguments with your friends all over again or just want to stare at some trippy shit, enjoy this list of optical illusions from 2015.

#7. This woman’s color-changing hair.

In May, Florida musician Sabrina Abu-Obeid dyed her hair blue. Or maybe pink. Or maybe violet. See, depending on the color of the light in whatever room she’s in, her hair color appears to change. After her video was posted all over the Internet and shared on TV news, Abu-Obeid posted a good-natured follow-up about how it actually worked, and how to dye your hair. Not in any special way, really, just how to dye your hair.

If you want real magic hair, you’ll need to look at this hidden oil-slick hair.

#6. This penis that’s not a penis.

1This tall, firm drink of water looks like a penis in a glass, but it’s an illusion caused by the woman’s arm and hair. Unless her upper arm is actually a penis.