With the number of crazy-freaky-ridiculous images circulating the web, it makes sense not to believe everything we see. Except for these set of photos, that is. This listicle of jaw-dropping, eye-enlarging pics will make you wanna shout, ‘FAKE’, but they, in fact, are 100% real.

#17. Glitch in the matrix


This isn’t a car rendered from vector graphics. It’s actually a wire-frame sculpture by artist Benedict Radcliffe.pic_012

It once actually received a ticket for being illegally parked!

#16. The sixth season of Lost reveals that this island is actually an ocean


This is an untouched photo from Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the largest salt flat in the world. It frequently floods with a very shallow layer of water. This is a super popular tourist site, that led to the construction of a salt hotel.

#15. Sand art by God himself!


This wave rock formation in Arizona was formed out of ancient sand dunes.


Check out the crazy depth! Now this is one perception-destroying natural wonder.

#14. “This store goes to 11…”


This marketing visionary-slash-mastermind looked at the ugly security fence on the storefront and decided it resembled a guitar amp. And that’s the story of how this otherwise nondescript Guitar Store in Southampton became one of the most talked about stores in the world.

#13. Is it a human, is it a woman, is it a…Barbie?


Meet Cathie Jung, who has an entire website based around her tiny midsection. After wearing increasingly smaller corsets, she now has a waist that measures just 15 inches!