From nail-biting train-top fights to nightmare-inducing horror flicks, there’s a whole lot that goes into making our favorite films. Check out these incredible facts that will WOW you the next time you watch these blockbusters.

1. The iconic DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future was originally meant to be a refrigerator!

pic_001 (1)

2. Steven Callahan, Life of Pi’s technical adviser is actually a real shipwreck survivor.

pic_001 (2)

3. This 2-second footage from the Transformers took 3 months to create!


4. The barking sound used by the raptors to communicate in Jurassic Park was actually the sound of tortoises having sex.


5. Before Keanu Reeves was chosen for the part of Neo in Matrix, the role was offered to Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage & Leonardo DiCaprio.

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6. Godzilla’s terrifying roar was created by rubbing a leather glove across the strings of a double bass instrument!

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