Have you ever seen your favorite actors going at in on screen and wondered how authentic it is? I mean, certain parts are definitely enhanced, right? Or are they? Are they actually having as much fun as it seems on screen, or do they have any ‘slip ups’? It looks effortless, but it takes a great deal of effort indeed. With so many questions around how to pull off a flawless sex scene, we decided to answer them all.

Are they really having sex?


They are called actors for a reason. The sex is as real as Christian Bale is batman. Sorry to burst two bubbles at once but let’s move on!

Do the actors’ genitals ever touch?


If they did, it would be a different kind of movie! While to make it as authentic as possible, they may get dangerously close, they rarely touch. There are also special skin coloured garments available to act as a barrier or even hide the family jewels.

Are exercise balls ever used?


As surprising as that question is, the answer is even more so. Exercise balls are often used to recreate scenes where the girls are on top. This allows for the right camera angle minus all the awkwardness.
Your gym workout’s never going to be the same again, is it!

Are the directors all masters of trigonometry?


No, but they need to be equally well-versed with angles – they can make or break a shot! To really sell a sex scene, it is all about the point of view, baby!

How do they make it look so real if it’s actually all fake?


The magic lies in post production. Once the scene is filmed, editors work tirelessly to make the scene seem flawless and infuse different camera angles to trick the viewer.