Photo editing software programs have provided whole new dimension to create the pictures in the way you like. You can make you picture in whatever manner you want with these software. These images also seem like some photo-editing master has altered them but truth is none of them is edited and they are presented to you exactly how they looked through camera eyes.

#20. Nyan Cat flyover?

1This is the rainbow laser that is actually showing all these colors and makes you feel it is a Nyan Cat flyover.

#19. Photoshopped! No! Look Again!

2This hibiscus really bloomed after all its surroundings got covered in the ash from the volcanic eruption in Indonesia.

#18. Again! Color Editing? No Isn’t!

3It is the image of the rescue workers who arrived at the scene to help people trapped under ash and rock. It is the picture taken after the eruption of Japan’s Mt. Ontake in September 2014.

#17. What Is Present At Rainbow’s End?

4The answer is SUV! That could be handier when you travel from one side of the rainbow to the other side.

#16. UFO Sighted!

5It is a suite in Sweden’s Tree Hotel created by Bertil Harström. Placed on trees, here all suites have unique designs.

#15. Another UFO!

6Well! A cloud in the sky doesn’t seem special unless it has a special shape like this one.