#2. Jim Caviezel Was Struck By Lightning During The Sermon On The Mount Scene – The Passion of the Christ.

Perhaps if this slice of movie trivia had occurred on another movie, it wouldn’t have made the list – but all things considered, and given the subject matter of Mel Gibson’s controversial picture, the fact that the man playing Jesus was struck by lightning during production is just too bizarre to not bring up. Even if you’re not religiously-inclined, you gotta admit that it’s kind of spooky, huh?

This is made even more so when you realise that the scene being filmed at the time took place on a mountain top, whilst Jesus is giving the famous “Sermon on the Mount.” Of course, you’re more likely to get struck by lightning if you’re standing on a mountain top, but you can’t argue with the trivia value of this insane fact. Strange coincidence, or was God simply hating on Mel Gibson’s movie? Seems like his aim was a little off, if so.

#1. Qui-Gon Jinn’s Communication Device Is Just A Sensor Excel Razor For Women – Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

One of the great things about Star Wars is the sheer attention to detail apparent in every frame. The production designers on all six of the movies obviously took pride in the work, and it shows. I mean, the weapons, the costumes, the gadgets… all of them feel real and intricately produced. Well, at least that’s what you might have thought, until you realise that some of the “props” are just, like, normal everyday objects.

In this case, we’re talking about Qui-Gon Jinn’s little communication device, which is just a redecorated Gillette Sensor Excel Razor For Women. Fine as it looks within the movie (we guess), how the heck did this even occur? Did a concept designer forget his was supposed to be conjuring up Qui-Gon’s com-device and, like, ask his wife for advice? Stranger still, this little thing was put into shops so you could buy it for your children at a whopping $30. If only our parents had known about the cheaper alternative, huh? Fun for all the family – especially mom.