#4. 532 Cars Were Destroyed Over The Course Of Production – Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

We all know just how much Michael Bay likes to use his movies as a form of “explosion therapy.” Even for Bay, though, destroying 532 individual vehicles during the making of his third Transformers movie seems somewhat excessive. Seriously. How (and why) did he achieve something like this, and who put up all the cars?

The budget, you’re probably thinking, must have been huge, and you’d be completely right in saying that. But none of that money went on the explosion-bound cars, as they were all given to Bay and his team by the movie’s insurance company for free – every single vehicle was flood-damaged, and were therefore considered to be worthless. Much like the movie that resulted from all this. Burn!

#3. The First Time Michael Caine Saw Heath Ledger As The Joker, He Forgot His Lines – The Dark Knight.

Most people will agree that the best thing about The Dark Knight was Heath Ledger. And this is strange, considering that the part seemed completely wrong for him the first time we all heard that he had been cast in the role. His subsequent transformation into Batman’s most famous nemesis was a genuinely remarkable feat (he won a posthumous Oscar).

And that’s exactly what Michael Caine would likely tell you, too, going on the basis that he forget to say everyone one of his lines the first time he ever saw Heath Ledger working his iconic Joker magic. The scene in question? One towards the beginning of the movie, where the villain crashes a Harvey Dent fundraising gig organised by Bruce Wayne/Batman.

The way Caine tells the story, this was the first time that he’d ever seen Ledger in character, and it frightened him so much that he just went blank whilst the scene continued on. Nolan didn’t see a point in re-doing the scene and the lines were cut as a result, because – let’s be fair – Alfred probably would’ve reacted in exactly the same way that Caine did in real life anyway.