Did you grow up dreading the moment that it was time to do math? Were you baffled by basic concepts? Would you wake up in the middle of the night as an elementary student with cold sweats after having a nightmare about compound fractions? Well, you’re not alone, but there’s an exciting new development (that’s been around all along) which gives you an excuse to say a phrase that literally has never been relevant before:

“If you would’ve just let me play with LEGOs, I could’ve learned something.”

Regardless of your your mathematical ability, just let this soak in for a moment:


That was incredibly easy wasn’t it? Who knew LEGOs were this educational? No seriously, who? If you knew LEGOs could help this much, why did you keep it from so many children?!

Okay, I digress, but the minds at Scholastic just rolled out a little piece detailing how effective this method could be.

For instance: the “Part-Part-Total” method makes addition a breeze.


(6 + 2 = 8)

Scholastic explains:

“…decomposing numbers is a key component of building the number sense needed for arithmetic operations.”