This comes as no surprise to most people, but there are many mysteries on this planet which is yet to explain. South America is one area of the world that seems to have more than its fair share of inexplicable mysteries, from the disappearance of the Olmec people, to the Nazca Lines, to the Easter Island Heads.

Researchers might have one more mystery to add to that list, though: The Band of Holes in Peru’s Pisco Valley.

You can view it on Google Earth. Here are the coordinates:
Latitude:  13°42’55.37″S
Longitude:  75°52’28.46″W
Eye Alt:  3,100 ft

The Band of Holes is the nickname given to an unexplained, mile-long stretch of human-sized holes carved into the rock of the Andes Mountains.


Researchers have been aware of the holes for some time now, but their true extent was unknown until they used satellite photography to map the area.


Most of the holes vary in depth between six and seven feet. Others are simply shallow depressions in the rock.